The core value of the blockchain is to build a trusted decentralized system and build the infrastructure for value transfer.

YiQuChain is dedicated to building a public chain in the Supply Chain and providing blockchain solutions for Supply Chain applications, developing security, high-performance blockchain basic service platform, which can support the rapid construction of the upper layer application business of the supply chain, such as deposit certificate, settlement, traceability, cross-border payment to meet the application scenarios of large-scale users.



Application scenario

Accounts receivable





Creditor’s right

Creditor’s right
split transfer






Token issue

YiQuChain issues platform token yiqu, the total amount is 10 billion, each circulation automatically annihilates block producers (miners) handling fee 10%, which is finally constant at 210 million tokens. YiQu tokens are used for customer transfer (winding, contract, etc.) to pay for the block producer (miner). The customer issues side chain to pay 1000 YiQu tokens.

locked for one year
Pre-IPO 30%
ecological construction 30%
founding team 15%
marketing 15%
foundation 5%
community development 5%


Garry Yu

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), graduated from Shandong University. Principal experts in the blockchain industry, senior experts in supply chain finance, commercial factoring, securities, funds, AI, big data and blockchain...

Palem Narasimhulu

(Co-Founder & CTO)

Ph.D., graduated from Weiss University of Technology, India, and presided over the development of American express online banking system, ABN Amro Bank account management system, GlaxoSmithKline medical system...

Pandikalla Subbarayudu

Person in charge of ecological construction

Ph.D., graduated from Nehru University. Mr. Pandikalla Subbarayudu has been committed to the research and development of online banking and enterprise market management systems...

Charlie Chen


worked for a famous steel group.For the past ten years, he has been committed to the research and application of equipment asset management, big data, internet of things and supply chain finance...

Project consultant

Karry Huang

Senior engineer

At the age of 18, studied computer science at the California Institute of Technology and graduated with the Principal Honor Award. Joined Silicon Valley's network equipment giant Cisco in 1996 and joined the early startup team ...

Xiaotong Zhang

Senior engineer

Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Production and Maintenance Committee of China Equipment Management Association, China Equipment Management Network expert, senior consultant, and special expert of China Equipment Management Association Special Exchange Center.

Xiaohui Wang

Senior engineer

Metallurgical equipment management experts, a well-known steel group executives, in charge of equipment management.Engaged in metallurgical equipment technology and management for 26 years...

Storm Zhang

Senior Programmer

Master of Engineering, Senior Programmer, Block Chain Technical Expert, IBM (International)Business Machines Corporation's Department of Systems Science and Technology ...

Strategic Partners

Strategic partners are continuously updated
  • 01. Zhongtao Fund

    Established by the blockchain industry technical experts, professional investors, VC/PE employees, etc., focusing on technology-driven investment services in the blockchain field. At present, there are more than ten blockchain projects that have been invested and serviced.

  • 02. Youhetaikang Fund

    A professional venture capital fund focused on blockchain, with value investment and equity investment. Based on the concept of growing together with the project, the fund provides a series of resources.

  • 03. Shanghai Shenwa Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

    the leading industrial remote platform for professional equipment remote operation and maintenance service industry. It specializes in equipment asset management and operation service requirements for manufacturing enterprises, and uses supply chain financial services to integrate upstream and downstream superior resources.
 The company integrates product supply chain and service supply chain into a supply chain management platform to provide better service to enterprise users at a lower cost, and mainly engages in the steel industry and radiates other industries.

  • 04. Shanghai Eden Software Co., Ltd.

    a domestic high-tech company established by industry experts and computer science doctors and big data technology experts. A leading software and service provider for equipment health management and predictive maintenance in the Greater China region, and in 2018 acquired the APIPRO Greater China business of the equipment management system originating from the Nordic industrial giant SKF. API has developed an API PRO asset management system to help customers efficiently manage high-value asset devices.

  • 05. Shandong Zhaoding Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    with the support of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Shandong University, builds its smart port, smart sea, smart city and smart factory with its own strength. The company has pioneered equipment inspection automation and other intelligent management systems in the steel industry, chemical industry and other industries. The company carries out automation, intelligent transformation of water systems and application of permanent magnet motors in some ports, cities and factories.

  • 06. Mainstream code Limited

    a famous venture capital firm of the Virgin Islands (BVI), focusing on the venture capital institutions in the blockchain industry, is committed to mining the best quality early projects and has invested in more than 50 blockchain projects.

Development plan

  • 2019


    release and launch the beta version of YiQuChain public chain


    establish YiQuChain
    Technical Committee


    launch the official version of the public chain


    login some of the
    centralized exchanges

  • 2020


    launch the cross-chain asset transfer project


    launch YiQuChain
    Dapp project


    launch the Developer Competition of Global Commercial Project.


Compliance risk

The project is subject to some laws and regulations in the process of raising funds and conducting business, resulting in the risk that the operation cannot continue.

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Market risk

The project is not accepted by the market, or there are not enough users to use it, business development is stagnant, and the risk ...

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Technical risk

The underlying technology may have major problems that prevent the project from achieving the intended functionality.The risk-avoiding method ...

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