This document is a white paper for YiQuChain, written by the YiQuChain Foundation and the development team. It mainly introduces the technical features and development plans of YiQuChain. The contents of this document are for reference only and this document is not a contract or commitment of any kind. We will continue to update this document in the future to align it with the technology implementation. The YiQuChain development team will, under the supervision of the Foundation, improve the technical solutions as needed and continue to update the white paper, but the circulation and distribution rules of the basic token remain unchanged.

The YiQuChain Foundation hereby informs institutions and individuals involved in digital cryptocurrency investments through any channel to take precautions against risks. The YiQuChain Foundation and the development team do not assume the consequences of participating in the investment through any channel. The project may have the following risks, and the YiQuChain Foundation has proposed a response strategy after the research, and made arrangements for legal affairs, investors should pay attention´╝Ü

Compliance risk: The project is subject to some laws and regulations in the process of raising funds and conducting business, resulting in the risk that the operation cannot continue. For compliance and operational risks, the operational team adopted the risk-avoiding method: hire a professional lawyer team as a consultant to design digital asset distribution, blockchain finance, blockchain application and other aspects under the existing legal framework.

Market risk: The project is not accepted by the market, or there are not enough users to use it, business development is stagnant, and the risk of insufficient participants in the new eco-money market. The risk-avoiding method adopted by the market risk operation team is: based on the actual operating experience of the trading market for many years, confirm that the market pain points exist objectively; and use the experience accumulated by the cooperation team in the operation process to quickly transform the initial users of the project.

Technical risk: The underlying technology may have major problems that prevent the project from achieving the intended functionality. The risk-avoiding method adopted by the technology risk operation team include: based on mature, open source, and secure blockchain technology, adopting an architecture development system that has been used by a large number of development teams and verified for a long time.

In addition, there are risks that are not mentioned or anticipated by foundations and teams, to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of the country in which it is located, the damages and risks arising from participation in the project, including not limited to direct or indirect personal interest damage, loss of commercial profits.

Foundations and teams are not responsible for the risks of the project and the possible losses to customers. Before making the decision of participating, participants are fully aware of the overall framework and ideas of the project and participate rationally.